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Incorrect interface vlan information on Cisco Small Business devices



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    • Cisco Small Business (SG350-10-K9)


      This looks related to ticket OBS-4391 - which is closed as "resolved" but appears to be still an issue. 

      What version of Observium: 23.8.12912 (2nd August 2023)

      When did this start:
      This was working before an update to Observium sometime in Q1 of 2023, after that time this issue appeared. 

      Issue description:

      On all of our 200+ Cisco Small Business switches the port vlan information is incorrectly reporting as "VLAN1".  This is visible when viewing port details. When viewing VLANs details the vlans are correctly discovered, but ports with vlan configuration are visible  twice - once in vlan1 and once in their correct vlan. 

      Attached documentation:
      I've attached the output of 

      ./discovery.php -d -h <device>
      ./poller.php -d -h <device>

      I've also attached screenshots of an example device, along with the interface config from this device. Additionally, I've attached the output of the port info obtained through an API call to the endpoint "/ports/{port_id}/". In this output you can see the port is reporting ifVlan = 1 


        1. all ports page shows all vlan 1.png
          all ports page shows all vlan 1.png
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        2. get_port_info.txt
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        3. interface config.txt
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        4. specific port page shows vlan 1.png
          specific port page shows vlan 1.png
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        5. vlans page shows correct info.png
          vlans page shows correct info.png
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