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Add Support : Geist Power Metering Units



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      Ok so we have a wide selection of these little 'Geist' PDU power metering boxes. All with different numbers of outlets and different features (voltage monitoring/current monitoring/alarms/remote switching etc.)

      After taking a look over them, they come in so many various sizes/shapes and i can't see a clear pattern as to which units have which versions of the monitoring inside them. So, what might be best is if we (you ) just add support for this model/MIB.

      Then, i can see how many of them get discovered and work correctly using this. If some are not working then i'll collect similar data for them also.

      The MIB attached is different to the V4 and V5 ones you seem to have for Geist already. This MIB comes directly from the device itself via it's little web interface, and the OIDs in it do indeed match up with what our billing platform polls, so i believe it to be correct.

      For the snmpwalk - it's interesting that it will not walk from the top level down. I'm not sure if this is common, but you have to specifically walk the vendor's OID to get the power data. So i've included that further down within snmp-walking.txt for reference as the default walk is very short.

      Do let me know if any additional bits are required, cheers!




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