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Please revert Telegram Notifications to previous state



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      We updated Observium to the current version yesterday. We noticed that the Telegram Notifications are now structured differently. It seems that the change was made in September due to issue OBS-3285. Adding emoticons is OK for me, even if I did not really need it. Unfortunately, only the emoticons can now be used to determine the type of notification (Alert or Recover). This is a problem with devices that cannot display any or all emoticons. It is therefore essential that the Alert or Recover is still included in the notification in text form.

      I can't quite understand why the conditions and metrics are included in every notification. That makes everything confusing. The conditions and metrics should be known to the person who created the alerts and do not have to be sent with each notification.

      I have added two screenshots for comparison before/after. If you have a message Port down I am interested in the following: What device, port number and which description has the port.
      Which conditions and metrics I created for this alert do not matter to me at this moment.

      So my suggestion is that the notifications look like before and that you add emoticons for the people who need them.


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